22 Sep 2016

Ideas presented in the circle, part 1

Here is Plarent Aleksi's presentation from Summer 2016 in Orivesi.

And below, a short synopsis of Max Ryynänen's talk in Feb 2016 in Riga.
In my presentation I tried to ask if political concepts were actually at least partly aesthetic, i.e. if the meaning of e.g. "activism" in the end connects in a significant way to the forms of activism seen (flags, demonstrations, people making vegetarian food in flea market clothes) sometimes even more than to the political ideals which are at stake. One point in my presentation was that the culture of resistance often is more just culture without as much political impact as wanted, but I was not actually critical about this. On the contrary I think that if people don't go to the city council to change the world when there are plans to destroy an old building but rather come when it happens to repair bikes, play drums and so on, it is maybe some form of experiential culture which is good for the political health.

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